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The homogenous group in the clinical practice of new symptoms. Some notes on the Lacanian psychoanalytic perspective

Articolo - Funzione Gamma Journal, 2010, 24, pp. 1-21
The topics presented in this paper[1] aim to answer three questions. The first: what is it that justifies the changes of contemporary psychopathological forms? The second: why resort to the group when treating anorexia and bulimia? The third: when working with patients with eating disorders, which are the factors that make group work therapeutic?
The theoretic approach that will be adopted regarding the subject in contemporary clinical practice is that of psychoanalysis of Lacanian orientation. Particular focus shall be placed on work carried out by the psychoanalyst Massimo Recalcati[2] over the last fifteen years.
The paper develops three main points that are structured in consecutive manner: firstly there will be a brief outline on some aspects of the theory of the subject in J. Lacan (paragraphs 1-2-3); continuing with the Lacanian perspective on new symptomatic issues regarding present day social questions (paragraphs 4-5-6); and lastly I will delineate the essential coordinates of psychotherapeutic strategies that are used in the preliminary treatment of the “new symptoms” (paragraphs 7-8-9-10).
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